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Infinity Journal (IJ) is a peer-reviewed publication concerned with strategy as the product of consciously linking ends, ways, and means. We aim to make the discussion of strategy accessible, to advance the field of strategy as a discipline, and to exchange insights into how and why it succeeds, or fails. IJ gives equal time to academics as well as practitioners. The IJ Editorial Advisory Panel consists of distinguished academics as well as accomplished practitioners. They have decades of experience teaching, developing, and implementing strategy at all levels, both in the government and private sectors.

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The Journal of Military Operations

The Journal of Military Operations, otherwise known as Military Operations, is a peer-reviewed publication concerned with warfare, the conduct of war. It focuses on engagement with the enemy; combat; fighting. It seeks to develop insights into the nature of war, in order to better understand it and conduct it. It seeks to identify what changes in warfare and what doesn’t; why; and how. Military Operations’ articles aim to be informative, useful, and of the highest quality. The publication is free to the reader and presented in a clear, easy-to read format. The members of Military Operations’ Editorial Advisory Panel have hundreds of years of military experience, across many different conflicts. They have undertaken decades of research, writing and editing on warfare and have written numerous books and hundreds of articles and papers.

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Officially, we are called the The IJ Infinity Group (Company Number 514895630), but we prefer to keep things simple. We are simply known as the IJ Group. The IJ Group is a publishing company founded in and based out of Tel Aviv, Israel. Our aim is to provide education in Strategy and Warfare. The company currently publishes two peer-reviewed journals, both of which aim to include as wide an audience as possible, so as to assist in a better understanding and greater awareness of critical yet complex subjects. Infinity Journal and The Journal of Military Operations aim to offer a better understanding of Strategy and Warfare via articles written in accessible language from both academics and practitioners from around the world. Because Strategy and Warfare are critical subjects, we understand the necessity for providing clear and effective information and guidance for governments, militaries, academics, and students.


A.E. Stahl

Founder / President

A.E. Stahl is a co-founder and President of the IJ Group, Inc., Ltd.

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William F. "Wilf" Owen

Founder / President

William F. "Wilf" Owen is a co-founder and Vice President of the IJ Group, Inc., Ltd.

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Saul Posel

Head of Development

Saul Posel is the IJ Group's Head of Development.


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